The Heeler is only mounted to the motorcycle with 3 connections; will this hold?

Yes! I's not only the number of connections, i's also very important where these are made. The BMW R850/1100/1150 models don’t have a "classical" chassis, but a construction where engine and gearbox are a significant part of the total stiffness of the construction. This is why we dared to use a controversial construction. The construction is dimensioned in a way that a three-point connection more than sufficient enough to do the job. We have calculated the strength of the connections and tested these calculations in road tests in different situations. These calculations and test have helped us getting our TUV certificate. Our three-point connection in combination with ball joints is especially user friendly for drivers who like to drive their motorcycle solo as well as driving a sidecar combination.

The Standard version of the Heeler BMW R850/1100/1150 combination uses the original alloy/spoke wheels of the motorcycle, the front Wheel is even used in all models. Are these alloy wheels strong enough for sidecar use?

Yes! After we made our own calculations on the original BMW wheels, we sent a few sets to the German TUV to be tested for Sidecar use. The TUV confirmed that the original wheel can be used in combination with the Heeler. The original wheels have their own certificate but are also taken up in our TUV certificate for the complete combination. With the BMW 1150 models we cannot use the rear wheel and therefor the standard kit also contains the Rear wheel-adaptingkit.

Why does Tripteq make use of the original Tele-lever where most other manufacturers use a Swing-arm construction?

The Tele-lever is simply a very good construction with a one-seated sidecar. It is much better than the conventional telescope front-end which is comonly used. With a small sidecar, the Tele-lever will do the job just as well as a swing-arm construction. Telescope front forks are often replaced by swing-arm constructions to get a better suspension and a stiffer construction. One can also adjust the trail of the frontend to get lighter steering when building a swing-arm. The Tele-lever construction of BMW is also very sufficient with sidecar use and easily to adjust to a more sidecar specific front wheel trail (in combination with our front wheel trail shortening kit). This has resulted in less development costs and therefore lower costs in production and conversion of the sidecar and motorcycle. All this has contributed to the low price of our product.

Tripteq offers a replacement wheel for the original rear wheel of the motorcycle, what about the front wheel? Doesn't the front tire wear very fast with sidecar use?

Of course the front tire will wear faster with sidecar use. A tire that is quite useful is the Metzeler ME 880 Marathon. One of our employees has mounted a 130/70-17 Michellin motorcycle rear tire (in reversed way!) on the front wheel. This tire will last for about the same as the car tire at the rear. A great advantage of the use of a motorcycle tire in the front is that the combination will have fewer problems with trails in the road. Also a conversion to a car wheel and tire in front would make the combination much more expensive.

I drive a R1100 R with ABS. Will the ABS still function with sidecar use?

Yes! ABS is not a problem with the Heeler, it still functions even if a rear Wheel adapter with 15" car wheel is used. We have also tried the sidecar brake in combination with the ABS. If mounted as prescribed it will function without any problems. The motorcycle wheels will be braked with ABS, the sidecar wheel won’t. This is also described in our TUV certificate and could be accepted in other countries. Please make sure that your combination is always in confirmation with your national legislation.

I would like to drive solo as well as sidecar with the same motorcycle is that possible?

Yes! Our Heeler in combination with a BMW R850/1100 R, RS, RT, GS is designed to make quick switches possible. With a bit of experience it will take about 15 minutes to mount and 10 minutes unmount the Heeler. We recommend using the standard model, because it would take too much time to switch when using the shortening kit and/or the rear wheel adapter. The sidecar brake can only be used in combination with a quick-release joint which is designed and certified for this purpose. I's obvious that the steering of your rig will be heavier and the tires will wear quicker.

What is the adventage of a sidecar brake?

A braking on the sidecar wheel is optional. However, a brake does have it's adventages: especially when driving fully loaded it will lessen the combination pulling left during braking. A brake on the sidecar therefore improves safety. This effect is offcource more noticable when driving a wide two-seater sidecar then when driving a small single seater sidecar like the Heeler. If you would ignore the costs, it has only got one real downside: when attaching or detaching the sidecar from your motorcycle, you need to detach the brakeline from the sidecar brake and bleed the brakelines.

Is it possible to use the sidecarbrake with BMW models with electronic brakemodulator?

No, although it can be done technically we haven's certified this feature yet. Certification is planned.

Is it possible to mount the Heeler to other motorcycles?

Yes! We also offer a Universal model. This model will be sold with mounting plates which can be used to make the connection with the motorcycle. Converting a motorcycle into a safe an useful sidecar rig is a specialised job. It is recommended that this is done by a dealer or a specialist.

I've still got a question. What now?

Mail us at: info@scotiasidecars.com or call. Our number is located at the bottom of the page.