Heeler WZ Sidecar


  • Includes a mounting kit for a BMW R850/1100/1150/1200, R, RS, RT or GS
  • Easily switch between solo and sidecar use
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Developed as a DIY kit. Comes with a comprehensive construction manual
  • Sidecar body of ABS plasic. Paint ready finish


  • L-shaped swingarm
  • Hagon shock absorber
  • L x B x H = 2000 x 650 x 450 mm
  • Sidecar wheel: 4 J x 13" rim with 145/80-13" tire
  • Luggage compartment ca. 100 litres
  • Bare weight: 75 kg
  • Maximum load of combination: 650 kg
  • Suspension trail 60 mm
  • Width of seat 500 mm


  • Powdercoating after galvanizing
  • Brake kit
  • Front wheel trail shortening kit
  • Rear wheel conversion kit to 15" car wheel
  • 13" Alloy wheel
  • 15" Steel wheel


  • Complete sidecar chassis
  • Mounting kit BMW R850/1100/1150 series
  • Sidecar body complete with seat, covers, lights and screen
  • Wheel, bearing and shock absorber
  • All nuts and bolts
  • Complete construction manual
  • No trailer hook


  • Same as standardkit, but with:
  • Front wheel trail shortening kit*
  • Sidecar brake**


  • Same as STAGE 1 kit, but with:
  • Rear wheel adapter
  • 15" rear wheel incl. 155/80-15 tire

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* Front wheel trail shortening kit can only be used on the GS models in combination with shockabsorbers of the R,RS,RT models.

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WZ Model Example