Tripteq Sidecar Models

A standard kit contains all the parts required to mount the complete sidecar to a BMW R 850/1100/1150/1200, R, RS, RT, & GS models.

The original Telelever front end & rear Paralver of the BMW 4v models make for simple conversion of these robust motorcycles into a very solid, reliable outfit.

3 Option Stages of Conversion

Standard Kit. Using the simple 'standard' basic WZ kit, you can remove the sidecar in 15 mins leaving the unobtrusive sub-frame fixed to the bike. The owner has the flexiblity of solo riding together with the option of family outings / camping trips / safe winter riding.

Stage 1. The fittings of the Tripteq front wheel trail shortening kit adjusts the caster providing the driverwith light yet positive steering without the need for complex multi-component Leading Link forks. This fitment allows retention of the standard front wheel / tyre which eliminates 'tramlining' associated with flat section front tyres.

Stage 2. By using a Tripteq Rear Wheel Adaptor Kit allows the use of 15" wheels & 155/80/15 tyres for maximum drive tyre life. It also opens up options to fit mud / winter / snow tyre & chains for extreme sidecar driving.

(NB. Stage 1 & 2 are used on a more permanent built outfit as these options would impair the driveability of the original solo machine).

Factory Body Options.

  • The upper body of the standard Heeler can be 'factory altered' to provide full front opening & hinged boot lid for easy access.
  • Open access cockpit 'Sport' & Child / Adult versions are also available on request.
  • 'Rugged' Sidecar mudguard option for GS models (providing a supportive platform for passenger positioning during off-road excursions)
  • Low, High & Extra high screen options.

Scotia Aventure, Tripteq Ridgeback & Fox. These body options are available from Scotia Sidecars & can be seen in our Gallery. Contact us for details & prices.

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